Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If it don't make MONEY, then it don't make SENSE!!!

OWN Fall Sneak Peek: Sweetie Pie's

Today is "Talk About It" Tuesday at Above All Photography | Above All Expressions. Today's topic: "If it don't make MONEY, then it don't make SENSE!!!" Oftentimes, as business owners, if people know you personally or have developed some kind of rapport with you, it may be easy for them to assume that you are doing them favor. In other words, it may be easy for them to assume that the services you are providing for them is FREE OF CHARGE. When this happens, you've at some point offered a service for them free of charge, agreed to provide a service for them in exchange for EXPOSURE (they're going to tell everybody about you), or they may be family or friends. Whatever the case may be, you, as the business owner, need to establish that you are in business. You are in business to make money. If it were not so, you would not have gone into business, and you would have stayed doing the exact thing voluntarily. Young photographers and other business owners often ask us how have we managed to stay in business for all this time (it will be 7 years on 12/5/2012) and our answer is simple. We treat our business like a business not a hobby. We are also asked how we stay as "Sought After Photographers" with the increased number of new photographers in general and with new photographers appearing on social media everyday? We are asked if we are concerned about the increased competition? Our answers are simple: (1) We don't tell all of our secrets and that's how we stay sought after. (2) New photographers on social media can sometimes be inspirational because we all have different styles. (3) Although we are mindful of the increase competition, we don't focus on it at all. We stay focused on our business and our brand. In the famous words of Ms. Robbie, "If it don't make MONEY, then it don't make SENSE!!!"

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